Ignacio Taboada

Ignacio TaboadaSpokesperson of the IceCube Collaboration (2021 – Present)

Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology


Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy. University of Pennsylvania (2002)
B.Sc. in Physics. Universidad Simón Bolívar (1994)


Honors Physics I (Phys-2311)
Data Science for Physicists (Special topics)
Introductory Physics (Phys-2211)
Particles, Nuclei & Fields (Phys-4263)
(Graduate) Classical Mechanics I (Phys-6101)
Quantum Mechanics I (Phys-3143)
Quantum Mechanics II (Phys-4143)
(Graduate) Particle Astrophysics (Phys-8803)

Research Interests:

Neutrinos are the latest frontier in high-energy astrophysics. Because of their low cross section for interacting with matter, they can escape from places that are opaque to gamma rays. And their presence is an unequivocal signal of a hadronic process at the sources. I am a member of IceCube, an international collaboration, that uses high-energy neutrinos as astrophysical messengers.

IceCube has discovered an all-sky, apparently isotropic, flux of neutrinos. The class or classes of sources, responsible for this flux remain unknown. Active Galaxies are a top candidate, though it is unclear what subclass of Active Galaxies are the relevant ones.

My group focuses broadly on the search for astrophysics sources of high-energy neutrinos.


itaboada -at- gatech -dot- edu
Phone: +1 (404) 385 7679
Fax: +1 (404) 894 9958
Office: Howey Bldg N-116
Mailing address: School of Physics,  837 State Street, Atlanta, GA 30332. USA