Ignacio Taboada

Ignacio TaboadaSpokesperson of the IceCube Collaboration (2021 – Present)

Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology


Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy. University of Pennsylvania (2002)
B.Sc. in Physics. Universidad Simón Bolívar (1994)


Honors Physics I (Phys-2311)
Data Science for Physicists (Special topics)
Introductory Physics (Phys-2211)
Particles, Nuclei & Fields (Phys-4263)
(Graduate) Classical Mechanics I (Phys-6101)
Quantum Mechanics I (Phys-3143)
Quantum Mechanics II (Phys-4143)
Quantum Mechanics Simulations
(Graduate) Particle Astrophysics (Phys-8803)

Research Interests:

Neutrinos are the latest frontier in high-energy astrophysics. Because of their low cross section for interacting with matter, they can escape from places that are opaque to gamma-rays. And their presence is an unequivocal signal of hadronic process at the sources. I am a member of IceCube, an international collaboration, that uses high-energy neutrinos as astrophysical messengers.

IceCube has discovered an all-sky, apparently isotropic, flux of neutrinos. The class or classes of sources, responsible for this flux remain unknown. Active Galaxies are a top candidate, though it is unclear what subclass of Active Galaxies are the relevant ones.

My group focuses broadly on the search for astrophysics sources  of high-energy neutrinos.


itaboada -at- gatech -dot- edu
Phone: +1 (404) 385 7679
Fax: +1 (404) 894 9958
Office: Howey Bldg N-116
Mailing address: School of Physics,  837 State Street, Atlanta, GA 30332. USA